Production Enhancement

  • Comprehensive oil well, field, and reservoir monitoring
  • Enhanced production performance
  • Oil wells identified and prioritized automatically

Following the successful implementation of a monitoring and surveillance program, which is usually focused on optimizing the production equipment uptime and runlife, further enhancements to production are only possible by addressing issues at the reservoir and well level.

Diagnosing the wells and reservoir to gain insight into existing problems, potential upsides and solutions, and prioritization of activities in the field is a manual and overwhelming task for most operators. This is where Optima comes into play with its best-in-class Production Enhancement module. This leverages cutting-edge machine learning technology to identify wells which are candidates for intervention based on real-time integrated data, so that your teams can make the most informed decisions possible.


Optima for machine-learning led production gains

Optima's Production Enhancement module leverages advanced machine learning to automate the prioritization of intervention candidate wells. By analyzing factors such as skin damage, changes to FBHP, drawdown, and overall well/reservoir health, it identifies opportunities for production enhancement.

With Optima, operators gain insights into reservoir PI and skin, monitor crucial KPIs, and prioritize wells based on their potential gain or ease of improvement. Our module also offers in-depth skin analysis, enabling targeted remediation, and performs well economic analysis to identify uneconomical wells. This allows you to streamline operations, optimize production, and unlock the true potential of your existing assets.

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Get ahead of the curve

  • Gain valuable insights into your wells' potential gain or easy wins, prioritizing activities based on the most promising opportunities for increased production
  • Understand the extent of damage experienced during normal well activities. Identify potential gains through remediation and reduction of damage
  • Identify uneconomical wells through thorough analysis. Optimize resource allocation by focusing on economically viable assets, ensuring efficient operations
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) at the well, field, and reservoir levels. Stay informed about the overall health of your production assets, enabling proactive decision-making and performance optimization

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