Knowledge Hub

  • Easily accessible, organization-wide asset and resource management
  • Best practices captured by Knowledge Hub repository
  • Technical data, manuals, and training guides stored in a centralized location

Organizations in the oil and gas industry often grapple with the complexity of managing multiple platforms and systems. Tracking technical data, resource manuals, people and asset management, training, and certifications become a burden due to the sheer number of platforms involved. This wastes significant resources and leads to underuse, poor implementation, neglect, or even the absence of critical functions.

Optima doesn’t just automate the collection and analysis of oilfield data - it also makes it significantly easier to act on that data thanks to a host of collaboration and knowledge-sharing features. As well as connecting field support teams to the data they need for fast and accurate decision-making, the Knowledge Hub offers centralized storage for technical manuals whilst supporting your compliance and training requirements. This helps you create a skilled, highly capable workforce that stands head and shoulders above the competition.


Optima for seamless collaboration and training

Optima’s comprehensive Knowledge Hub houses invaluable best practices and resources. It also empowers users to ensure health, safety, and environment compliance through simplified guidelines, reporting, and training features.

Technical data, manuals, and training guides are easily accessible, enabling seamless troubleshooting and workover scheduling. Additionally, Optima enhances crew training and competency management, facilitating efficient skill development and ensuring a highly capable workforce.

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Get ahead of the curve

  • Ensure compliance with training requirements for all active personnel, empowering your workforce with the necessary skills and expertise
  • Seamlessly connect field support to relevant well and field information, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making
  • Harness the power of Optima’s Knowledge Hub to preserve field experience and best practices across your organization
  • Streamline operations, preserve invaluable knowledge and enhance training effectiveness with transformational SaaS technology

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