Electrical Optimization

  • Optimized electrical consumption at oil well and field level
  • Efficient ESP cost evaluation
  • Streamlined transition planning

When it comes to operating Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) for oil well production, electrical consumption is often the highest cost component. It is crucial to consider careful design considerations to ensure the installation of an efficient system. However, once the ESP system is installed, many operators struggle to optimize electrical consumption at the field level.

Evaluating the cost-benefit analysis of reducing electrical consumption compared to alternative lift mechanisms becomes a significant challenge. This is where Optima comes into play. With Optima, operators gain the power to optimize and analyze electrical consumption, making informed decisions to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Our solution empowers oil and gas companies to unlock the full potential of their ESP operations, revolutionizing their approach to electrical consumption management and driving significant cost benefits.


Optima for major energy efficiency improvements

Optima's surveillance platform empowers operators to track electrical consumption at the well and field level, providing valuable insights for efficiency improvements. With Optima, you can prioritize candidate wells for further optimization, whether by adjusting electrical settings at the drive and/or transformers or determining the ideal timing for installing more efficient equipment.

Harness the power of data-driven decision-making to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and drive greater profitability in your ESP operations. Optima's AL LCM module can revolutionize the way you manage electrical consumption, ensuring optimal performance and economic benefits for your oil and gas company.

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Get ahead of the curve

  • Experience the transformative impact of our product as it empowers you to achieve energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability in your oil and gas operations
  • Evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of operating ESPs and effectively plan the transition to downsized pumps or alternative low flow mechanisms
  • Directly compare electrical consumption and benefits between Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) and conventional ESP motors
  • Estimate the reduction in total CO2 equivalent emissions resulting from changes in operating parameters or design specifications
  • Optimize and reduce electrical consumption at both well and field levels for enhanced operational efficiency

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