Production Workflow

  • iconEnd-to-end enabled digital oilfield solution
  • iconAutomated manual processes
  • iconCustomized equipment manufacturing

Production Surveillance

  • iconReal-time flow data accuracy
  • iconReduced remediation time for ‘problem-wells’
  • iconOil wells prioritized for production efficiency

Production Enhancement

  • iconComprehensive oil well, field, and reservoir monitoring
  • iconEnhanced production performance
  • iconOil wells identified and prioritized automatically

Artificial Lift Lifecycle Management

  • iconEnhanced traceability of Artificial Lift (AL) system planning and ops
  • iconOptimized equipment design for oil well and operation conditions
  • iconImproved run life for oil wells and fields

Knowledge Hub

  • iconEasily accessible, organization-wide asset and resource management
  • iconBest practices captured by Knowledge Hub repository
  • iconTechnical data, manuals, and training guides stored in a centralized location

Electrical Optimization

  • iconOptimized electrical consumption at oil well and field level
  • iconEfficient ESP cost evaluation
  • iconStreamlined transition planning

Optima - the future of oil and gas operations

We built Optima so that our clients could transform process efficiency, maximize productivity, and minimize costs and overheads.

The platform facilitates transparent and accountable workflows, with actionable data-driven insights presented via at-a-glance dashboards for a broad range of stakeholders.

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Our Value Proposition

  • Real-time data visualization for all stakeholders
  • Access to all data anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Real-time well monitoring and performance management via IoT
  • Identification of critical information on time
  • Actionable data-driven insights
  • Intelligent alarms to improve uptime, reduce downtime events
  • Virtual Flow Meter
  • Using predictive and prescriptive technologies
  • Leveraging proactive and preventive approach
  • Data to Decision Technologies (D2D)
  • Big Data based domain-driven analytics

End-to-end interconnected systems

Optima’s architecture is process-centric and simplifies data management for scalability and predictability of operations via prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analytics.

This single integrated platform is built on a microservices architecture from the ground up, designed with big data analytics specifically in mind.

Our Solutions

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Increase in well uptime with proactive management


Accurate predictions using AI and Machine Learning


Reduction of data preparation & workflow execution time

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